What to do?

Do I follow my passion?

I’ve been turning the thought over and over in my head this entire year, and every time I think I might have some conviction in my decision, I’m swayed in the other direction. Always oscillating. My thought process swings about like some sort of deranged pendulum.

There are so many reasons why I should study English, yet I also seem to find equally as many reasons as to why I shouldn’t. “It’s my passion, it’s useless, I’m good at it, you won’t make money, it’s interesting, good luck finding a job”. I’ve had so many interests and career aspirations, always shifting throughout my whole life… from archaeologist to lawyer to marine biologist. There has only been one point of consistency ever since I learnt how to read. I want to read. I want to write.  That has never changed, as much as I’ve tried to find something more “useful” to dedicate my future to.

Ending up in a career that I don’t enjoy is something I’m terrified of. But so is not having any financial security or stability, especially in a city like Sydney. Yet who is to say that I won’t be able to find a stable job if I choose English? I just don’t know. Right now I’ve landed on the logic that the effort and hard work you put into your degree (regardless of the discipline) will be reflected in the opportunities you have afterwards. I don’t expect things to fall into my lap and I know I will be willing to work hard because it’s what I love.

I know university isn’t the be-all and end-all, but I still want to start on the right foot. Can anyone offer some advice?


2 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. Transferable skills are much more valueable and are what will make you money (if that is seriously your only goal) Honestly, I doubt people have chose their career based on money alone. Anyone who gives you that advice must have trouble finding fulfillment in work. Follow your gut and study what you are passionate about!
    Transferable skills such as communication skills, reliable work ethic, determination and hunting will get you further in your career as opposed to what you majored or minored in. As well as experience.
    Study what you love. Open yourself to your passion and remain positive. Opportunities will arrive to you and all you need to do, is reel them in and take them!

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