An enchanted morning

Finally, the humidity and stickiness of summer is wearing off and making way for fresh wind and cold fingertips. I woke up this morning feeling so cosy in my bed, with the rain gently tapping on my window, and with a mug of earl grey in my hands (a perfect start to the day). The heat has been far too stifling lately, so today was the perfect opportunity to take a walk in the light rain and enjoy the little treasures nature has to offer. It’s undoubtedly the best way to keep oneself grounded.


Since I was little, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of faeries and sprites presenting themselves as creatures like beetles with iridescent armour, or colourful dragonflies. I think they live in the hollows of gum trees and amongst the moss-covered rocks of creeks. Crystalline drops of dew are their source of water and they feed on little grubs in the soil. Of course, the males are mischievous by nature, they play tricks on humans – stinging them, tangling them in webs, tripping them with vines (even you might have been prey to their antics). Seduction – now, that is the art of the females. They drink nectar from honeysuckles, giving them a sweet voice that humans can’t hear. They whisper and dance whilst creating beautiful blooms of all colours and orchestrating birdsong. Don’t be fooled, they’re deadly too. They’re the ones who lure flies into spiderwebs. Continue reading